Xeomin & Botox

Expression lines take years to build  you can make them appear to disappear in just a few days with Botox or Xeomin treatments from Aura. 

Xeomin & Botox

Everyone will notice. No one will know.

Expression lines take years to build  you can make them appear to disappear in just a few days with Botox or Xeomin treatments from Aura. We will help you to eliminate wrinkles and frown lines while simultaneously lifting skin to produce a fresh, reinvigorated look. If you’ve been searching on the internet for “Botox near me”, Aura Aesthetics would like to invite you to visit us at our new Hillsboro location. Aura is different from other injectables providers in that we specialize in natural results. You can always feel confident to fully express yourself without any concerns over a frozen face

Our Treatment Areas

Xeomin and Botox injections are powerful and offer extremely impressive results for multiple areas on the face. 

With a short, straightforward procedure you can smooth over troubling frown lines, calm crows feet, add definition to the face and more. 

The Aura team can assist clients looking for a range of Botox and fillers such as: 

Xeomin or Botox Forehead
Xeomin or Botox Forehead Lines 
Xeomin or Botox Frown Lines 
Xeomin or Botox Face 
Botox Lips 
Botox Under Eyes 
Botox Brow Lift 
Botox Crows Feet 

Because we only use quality products that provide real difference, you can enjoy looking and feeling like yourself again just a few short days after each session. 

Which Product is Right For You? 

Although Botox and Xeomin are very similar in many ways, each of these popular products has features which may be preferable to you depending on your needs. During an in-depth consultation we will work together to thoroughly evaluate key factors.  

Wondering how long does Botox last? Xeomin and Botox each last approximately 3-6 months 
Botox has had FDA approval for medical use for over 30 years 
Xeomin is pure, meaning it contains no additional additives 
Botox takes roughly 72 hours to show while Xeomin takes up to 4 days 
Both Xeomin and Botox are safe, trusted and effective  
Xeomin and Botox before and after photos are readily available 

As part of your customized plan of care, we will not only find the best injectable for you but also identify and meet the aesthetic goals you have for your treatment. Aura will always tailor appointment plans to specifically suit your unique skin.  

If you have questions about subjects like the Xeomin or Botox cost, Botox cosmetic uses, hosting a Botox party, Xeomin’s ingredient or possible Botox side effectswe are glad to ensure you become fully informed about both injectables.   

The Aura Xeomin/Botox Club 

Aura Aesthetics offers one year Xeomin/Botox membership for clients wishing to continue their botulinum toxin treatments on a regular basis and receive benefits for doing so. Privileges include 10% off Botox or Xeomin, 5% off other injectable products, first access to private events and more.  

We can customize both your membership and treatment for the number of units you need. If you’d like to purchase additional units, we offer them at the discounted price. For more information on ongoing care with us, click here.   


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