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No Shame in the Botox Game!

Say goodbye to the stigma and hello to a more confident you – because at Aura Aesthetics in Portland, OR, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty and empowering you to put your best face forward. 

At Aura Aesthetics, located in the vibrant city of Portland, OR, we understand that everyone deserves to feel their best, and we take pride in being the premier provider in town for Botox treatments.

Aura Aesthetics treatment room with modern furniture.
Aura Aesthetics office with modern furniture and an iMac.
Woman laughing.

Up until recently, people had no choice but to accept the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, etc., without a fight.


But not anymore. With Botox, you can smooth out your facial fine lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, and wrinkles to achieve smooth and youthful skin. Aura Aesthetic in Portland provides highly-calibrated Botox treatments to smooth your skin naturally without freezing your expressions altogether.


Ready to get started? Book your consultation today to discuss your options for Botox in Portland.

defy time with botox.

Graphic showing what Botox treatments can do.
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Preserve the allure of your natural beauty.

Dynamic wrinkles occur when you smile, laugh, squint, frown, or use expressions that work your facial muscles.

Botox belongs to a class of cosmetic injectables that temporarily relax the facial muscles responsible for these wrinkles. It’s composed of a neurotoxin protein called botulinum toxin that blocks communications between muscles and the nerve roots that carry messages to the brain.


When strategically injected into the facial muscles responsible for your wrinkles, Botox relaxes your muscles and reduces the look of wrinkles on your skin.

At Aura Aesthetics, our injectors are proud to be Nationwide Trainers. Rest assured, you will look refreshed, not overdone. You'll look flexible, not frozen.


  • Non-surgical treatment

  • In and out treatments

  • No downtime

  • Proven track record

  • High patient satisfaction

  • Reverses signs of aging

  • Improves confidence

  • Reasonable

  • Forehead lines

  • Frown lines

  • Laugh lines or crow’s feet

  • Uneven brows

  • Heavy eyelids

  • Gummy smile

  • Excessive Sweating

  • Masseter reduction, also known as jawline slimming


Woman looking at herself in the mirror.


Aura Aesthetics treatment room with modern furniture.


It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, 25 or 70; most people can benefit from Botox injections.


If you’re frustrated that your wrinkles and facial lines make you look older than you feel, you’re the right candidate for Botox.

There’s a misconception that Botox is for older patients. In actuality, Botox treatments are also ideal for younger patients in their mid to late 20s who are just starting to see wrinkles. Collagen production starts decreasing on average at around age 28. Creating a treatment plan around this age is ideal for long-term, ideal results. By relaxing your facial muscles, Botox prevents you from developing deep wrinkles at an early age. As such, Botox can also help you maintain youthful skin longer.

Come to Aura Aesthetics for natural-looking results from Botox in Portland.

Price: 15/unit

Member Price: 14/unit

Two Aura Aesthetics staff members.
Two Aura Aesthetics staff members.
Two Aura Aesthetics staff members.


Don't take our word for it.

These before-and-after shots speak for themselves!